Web Site Maintenance

If your company already has a web site and you want to make simple changes, we can help.  Stark Logic’s group of San Diego web designers can get your web site updated.  We have a few different solutions to choose from including Per Change and three monthly packages: Basic Maintenance, Small Business Maintenance, and Corporate Maintenance Plans.

Per Change

If you have a number of changes you want to make to your site, but you don’t have to make constant updates, you can send over a list of those changes and we will send you a quote. All changes will be completed within 3-5 business days as long as the content is provided in a timely manner.

Basic Maintenance

Our Basic Maintenance starts at $200/month and includes 2 hours of changes per month. This includes changes to existing text and images on the current pages and does not include adding new pages. Some benefits of this plan are for those companies that change events frequently, have downloadable newsletters that are updated frequently, or for those companies that have an article management software and want to post news or press releases.


New pages that need to be added to the overall navigation are billed at $300/page and interior pages (pages that do not affect the navigation on every page) are billed at $225/page.


note: the maintenance fee is billed monthly and hours do not accrue if you don’t use up that time each month. If the time required to do the changes goes over 2 hours, we will contact the company and bump them up to the next level.

Small Business Maintenance

The Small Business Maintenance plan starts at $300/month and includes up to 4 hours of changes per month and the addition of one page for the website, either interior or one that needs to be included in the overall navigation. See the Basic Maintenance Plan for definitions.

Corporate Business Maintenance

The Corporate Business Maintenance plan starts at $500/month and includes up to 5 pages of content added to the site per month and 10 hours of labor. This could include updates to advertisers, adding products to ecommerce, adding articles or press releases, updating spec sheets, and more. Again, this fee does not allow the customer to accrue hours each month.

SEO Marketing Software

One service we provide is monthly search engine marketing. The service includes creating videos for web sites, articles, and blog posts. The goal is to put out hundreds of articles and links back to our clients’ web sites using targeted keywords.


To help with the marketing, Stark Logic created a software called BareTrax which is a phenomenal seo ranking software that tracks traffic trends, keyword ranking, and more. If you want higher placement in the search engines and more traffic, visit www.baretraxpro.com

Rich Stark
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