Local Marketing Overview

Local Business

Local business marketing is done through a combination of ranking in Google Places, Google Organic marketing, and Pay Per Click ads. Once you understand the different areas of Google’s search results page, you can get an idea as to what we need to do to get your web site ranked.

Review the information below to first, understand the opportunities in the search area, and then to decide the best programs for your business.

Google Search Results

When customers search for a local business, they normally type in a geographical phrase such as “plumber in san diego” or “dentist colorado springs.” When Google determines that the search is local, the results come back from Google’s local directory called Google Places as well as organic (middle results).


See the image to the right to understand the difference between the three areas of results on Google’s engine based on local searches. Click on the image for a larger view.

Marketing Programs


Google Places optimization is a process to claim your business listing and make changes so your business will show up at the top of Google’s Local Directory.



Google Organic listings are shown to the right below the Places results. However, many times these are the first results on the page. With both Places and Organic results, we will get your business listed multiple times on the first page of Google.




Google Pay Per Click marketing (also known as Adwords) requires you to pay each time someone clicks on the links shown. The more you bid for each click, the higher your ad appears in the shaded area. We can manage your web marketing San Diego and your Adwords campaign.

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