Search Engine Marketing

Online Marketing

We believe that effective website design requires a mixture of design and functionality, traditional and online marketing, competitive analysis and technical expertise. Our goal is to help your company maximize the return on your investment by promoting increased sales of your products and/or reducing your business costs.


In order to achieve this goal, we believe that a company’s website must integrate seamlessly with its overall search engine marketing San Diego and advertising strategies. For this reason, we focus on gaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ commercial environment before designing a website that supports their business objectives and reflects their corporate identity.


We have implemented many strategies to drive traffic to your site and generate leads and revenues. Let us show you how to use the search engines and maximize your online investment.


Marketing strategies that we use include:

  • Search Engine Marketing – see below
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Marketing with email tracking


Statistics now show that 90% of online searches are performed through search engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN are the top three search engines so those are the three we focus on for your business.

Current Website Analysis

The first step in Search Engine Marketing is to determine whether or not a web site is optimized. We will perform the following services:

Metatag Check: We will review the header code to determine if your keywords and phrases are embedded in your website.

Body Tags
: We will analyze the text in the body of the site and make sure the ALT tags use your keywords and phrases and that the and tags are in every page

Back Link Analysis: We will determine how many web sites are linking to your site and the corresponding Google Page Ranking of the pages with links to your site

Site Map
: We will create a site map and submit it to the Google database. The Site Map allows the Google spider to easily understand all of the pages on your site and make it easier to index each page individually.

BareTrax: Starklogic is proud to present BareTrax as one of the most effective search engine marketing tools on the market. This software is geared toward the marketing professional who wants to follow their online campaigns through the lead process and search engine rankings. For more information on the basics of search engine marketing and how search engines work click here for the basics of search engine marketing san diego.

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